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What’s Driving Perimeter Sales Now

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Fresh Food

10 Findings of the Midyear Power of Meat 2020

Study discovers home-cooked dinners with meat have increased, as have shoppers knowledge of meat.

In the past few months, including the last few days, Whole Foods and parent Amazon have opened a flurry of new stores with juicy meat departments.

Customers embrace beef as they returned to cooking, and the trend is expected to continue, sources say.

Sales in the supermarket meat case surged during the pandemic as consumers stocked their freezers and prepared more meals at home, but the positive trends retailers have experienced don’t have to end yet.

Stepping outside traditional marketing pays dividends for savvy retailers.

Inside the retailer's 80,000-square-foot anchor store anchoring a mixed-use development in Westbrook, Maine. Plus, Market Basket's plans for Rhode Island.

Meat sales increased an unprecedented 34.6% during the first six months of the pandemic as shoppers bought more, ate more and consumed a wider variety of cuts, FMI/Meat Institute study shows.

Educating consumers about the truths about meat can help increase consumption and sales, author says.

The lower sales gain is still impressive as this year’s everyday growth outstripped last year’s Labor Day sales.

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