Walmart Rebrands Jet with City Consumer Focus

The online delivery service has launched a new personalized website for urban shoppers beginning in NYC and rolling out to other cities.


Hostess Feels Pain of Walmart Pinch

The Twinkie maker said a reduction in promotional space trimmed sales and financial projections.

Industry partners, including Costco and Cargill, are teaming up for "The Story of Your Dinner" campaign, designed to educate consumers on safe food handling.

The retailer is seeking to streamline its transaction, SKU and loyalty data to better understand customer behavior.

The new platform provides clients with self-service access to shopper program data from more than 350 million national loyalty cards.

The retailer aims to encourage customers to replace junk food with on-the-go fruit products.

The retailer’s new marketing initiative encourages customers to “shop online like you shop in-store.”

The retailer has launched a new promotion based on a local rock-hunting activity to draw shoppers in-store.

Retail execs discuss evolving strategies to elevate shopper experience, engagement and loyalty during a panel discussion at the recent GMA Executive Conference.

The discounter is trimming its 'Surprises' pace to once weekly and is adding more mobile discounts.

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