Skittish Shoppers Taking to Stores to Stock ‘Pandemic Pantries’

Nielsen identifies top-selling items amid coronavirus concerns that are poised to impact global supply chains.


Whole Foods Eyes the Billion-Dollar Beauty Biz

The beauty business is booming, and as consumers increasingly look for cleaner products to put in and on their bodies, Whole Foods breaks down the year's top natural trends.

Given the limited shelf space behind the customer service counter, it’s important for grocers to understand offerings that go beyond traditional tobacco.

The 11,500-square-foot store, opening in a former Walmart Express in Charleston, Ark., will sell fuel.

The executive says retailers should "lean in" on opportunities in general merchandise, including innovations in self-care.

How forward-thinking retailers are playing up profit potential by touting home goods, seasonal finds, beauty products, clothing, decor and pet supplies.

Improved distribution, marketing and brands meet consumer mindfulness, sending sales of green cleaning products soaring.

WGB editors take a look at November's newest foods and nonfood items.

Premiumization and low online penetration sets self-care on a growth path.

Glamour, style and beauty for all is the idea behind the retailer's newly launched beauty and personal care department at its San Antonio store.

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