Taking the Order is Easy—In-Store Fulfillment is Hard

It has taken more than two decades since the dot-com revolution of the 1990s, but for today’s supermarket operators, digital grocery ordering and in-store fulfillment have finally emerged as non-optional elements of the business.


China’s Takeout Business Has a Problem

The Lempert Report: China's consumers discard less plastic than Americans, but its food industry was responsible for 1.6 million tons of domestic packaging waste in 2017.

Reducing food waste is not just an ethical practice but also one that creates a massive cost reduction opportunity for grocery retailers and the American economy.

Pilot is one of several related investments the retailer is making to enhance its digital offerings in its native Lone Star State.

The new system reduces shrink and the risk of human error.

The regional retailer's Safety Walk program identifies and electronically records floor hazards, reducing slips and trips.

The regional grocer installs new platforms chainwide to streamline and enhance operations.

Registers went down across the U.S. for two hours on Saturday, with further glitches following on Sunday.

Report concludes the shelf life of fresh produce such as strawberries, lettuce and salad mixes not only varies from one store to another but also within the same store location.

The retailer announced a partnership with self-driving vehicle company Gatik to streamline short-haul deliveries.

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