Giant Eagle Discontinuing Double Coupons

The Pittsburgh retailer is also cutting 24/7 operating hours in four stores.


Why Do So Many Small Stores Fail?

The author expounds on what he believes are the key culprits dogging compact format grocery stores. Spoiler alert: Site selection is in the crosshairs.

SIAL Paris, the world's biggest agri-food trade fair, returns Oct. 18-22, with 7,200 exhibitors in-house and more than 300,000 professionals from 200 different countries in attendance.

In era when differentiation is crucial, nontraditional partnerships are poised to continue.

The author assesses current progress, and long-term vision, for various players in the in-store robotics field.

In a world of online hacking, stolen identities, deep fakes and fake news, efficient tools for age verification, including biometrics, are now within reach.

Deal enables companies to eye new growth avenues and improved services.

The retailer's new partnership with Bloom Energy will reduce its carbon emissions by more than 15,000 metric tons per year, while ensuring its stores retain power during inclement weather.

The company’s redesigned identity and logo reflect the industry’s tech‑enabled, high‑touch evolution.

The Lempert Report: Electric scooters are cost-effective and becoming a popular choice

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