Fresh Food

What Trump’s Tariffs Mean For Food

The Lempert Report: The changes could take a particularly heavy toll on American farmers.

Fresh Food

Romaine E. Coli Aftermath: Mapping a Path Forward

In the wake of another outbreak, a frustrated yet doggedly determined produce industry amps up the call for swift communications and a traceability overhaul.

GMA urges that disclosure of refined ingredients' origins to be included in the ruling to ensure consumer trust.

The grocery industry is "extremely pleased" about the development.

NRF officials warned the decision that prevents retailers from encouraging lower-fee cards will impose billions of dollars on consumers and merchants.

Johanna Mirenda will work with the Regulatory Team to develop policy and build relationships with the farming community.

A ban on EBT processing fees and privacy protection were among the highlights.

The Lempert Report: Regulations have often been reversed in direct response to petitions from oil, coal and gas companies.

The Lempert Report: A judge has ruled that coffee companies in California must label products with a cancer warning.

The pro-gun stance of a candidate for governor has struck a nerve in Florida, where some shoppers are staging a boycott.

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