Baltimore’s Food Deserts Get a New Tool

The Lempert Report: Lack of access to healthy food is a factor in obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, and those who live in and around food deserts suffer the most, but Baltimore is making strides.

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Industry Reaches Out to Federal Government for Help

U.S. food leaders are preparing a list of requests to help address the coronavirus crisis, including relaxing some child labor regulations and authorizing the National Guard to deliver food in emergencies.

The Lempert Report: The American Beverage Association spent almost $19 million fighting Philadelphia's tax from 2016 through September 2019. But who won?

FMI issued its support of the measure that will unlock $50 billion in federal funds to address the outbreak.

The retailer's latest campaign to promote heart health seeks to end daylight saving time, which some say causes an increase in heart attacks.

Hemp is legally allowed to be grown again, but CBD products remain in limbo as the FDA has done little to clear up confusion.

The Lempert Report: Nearly 60% of shoppers almost always read a label before buying a new food.

The regional retailer has opened its 19 statewide stores for residents to sign the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum, which opposes a looming 177% grocery sales tax increase.

Trade associations across the board welcome the approval of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

The retailer taps into new companywide survey results to ease shoppers out of single-use plastic bags and into reusable ones.

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