Fresh Food

Produce Sales Remain Highly Elevated

The coronavirus pandemic has affected produce buying patterns, but the latest week saw vegetables sales still elevated, while fruit sales had slowed slightly.

Fresh Food

Gentleman Farmers Become Hip Millennial Farmers

The Lempert Report: "Agrihoods," or neighborhoods where residents till the soil and grow fresh produce on-site, is another way in which urban residents can adopt healthier living habits.

The Lempert Report: The early stretch of warm weather in apple country may adversely affect future harvests.

Produce for Better Health launches monthlong "Food Rooted in a Better Mood" program to encourage consumption of produce.

The Produce Marketing Association said its members can use the newly created iTradeMarketplace virtual trading platform free for six months.

Big box and warehouse stores got cleared out after the first wave of panic buying, but rising tides may lift all boats in grocery.

The fresh produce trade association moves to a virtual show that will feature live keynote presentations, roundtable discussion groups, community networking and a robust expo floor.

Sunkist Growers recently announced it is giving three truckloads of fresh citrus fruit to California schools and food banks, while Reed's is stocking up first responders with beverages.

With restaurants shut down, the two associations are working to redirect the foodservice produce supply chain to individual retailers.

Vegetables were up nearly 41%, while fruits increased 27% for the week ending March 15, 2020.

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