Fresh Food

Walmart Sets New Traceability Requirement for Leafy Green Suppliers

The retailer has launched a new blockchain-enabled initiative in collaboration with IBM to reduce the amount of time it takes to track an item from farm to shelf.

Fresh Food

Sensory-Based Food Education Helps Tots Choose Produce

The Lempert Report: Hands-on activities such as cooking and gardening boosted fruit and vegetable consumption in kindergartners.

Development is taking over land used to grow commodity crops.

Partnership with Apeel brings specially treated fruits to Cincinnati stores.

Promotions and fundraisers are encouraging adding more produce as parents' lives get busier.

On-trend produce purveyors seek to inspire record sales this autumn.

The retailer aims to encourage customers to replace junk food with on-the-go fruit products.

The romaine outbreak and recent recalls highlight the need to track produce’s “last mile,” officials say.

The California Avocado Commission estimates this year’s harvest will still be strong at about 300 million pounds.

The yearlong program is designed to prep students for careers in the produce industry.

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