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Avocados From Mexico’s Celebrity Sightings

Avocados From Mexico is launching a campaign kickoff with sportscasters Troy Aikman and Erin Andrews to inspire shoppers to take their love of game-day guacamole to the next level ahead of the Super Bowl.


The Surge in Produce Snacking

As the pandemic rages on, consumers turn to healthful fruit and veggie snacks like never before.

The recently wrapped PMA Virtual Fresh Summit featured messages of hope, renewal and action for the produce industry.

The Lempert Report: One pilot program is striving to eradicate food, health and economic disparities by embedding hyperlocal food production in everyday community spaces.

Fresh produce grew 11.6% over last year, surpassing growth in shelf-stable products.

Prices will be reduced on 60 items in the produce department, including bananas, potatoes, apples and bagged salads.

As back to school beckons, fresh produce sales are seeing a leveling off of about 10% above last year’s sales.

An additional 2.9 billion pounds of fresh produce have been sold in 2020.

North Market, developed by the organization Pillsbury United Communities, is focused on creating a one-stop shop for its neighborhood when it comes to healthy living.

Produce sales saw 8.4% increase over last year for the week ending Aug. 2, but that was down 3% from the previous week.

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