Retail data and analytics


Making Loyalty Programs Work Harder

To drive personalization and relevance, supermarkets need to turn loyalty into data, experts say.


Wakefern Takes a New Angle on Inventory Visibility

The ShopRite cooperative is adding shelf-mounted Focal Systems cameras to 50 stores.

Drones may fail, but smart-home marketing could emerge, Kantar's Dave Marcotte argues in Groceryshop address.

Research finds that higher employee and customer satisfaction can translate to higher market valuations of as much as 18.9%.

Stratum could be an additional alternative revenue stream for the retailer.

The retail tech conference will debut original research at 2020 show in Las Vegas.

A Brick Meets Click presentation illustrates the folly of price cuts as a means of competing with Aldi and Lidl.

The Canadian retailer will continue using the data science firm to further transform the customer experience across 600 grocery stores while bolstering its loyalty program.

As our world increasingly becomes tailored to individuals, author Gary Hawkins discusses the inspiration behind his new book that explores the impact of the age of “I” in retail, including shopper expectations and the challenge traditional retailers face.

The retailer is seeking to streamline its transaction, SKU and loyalty data to better understand customer behavior.

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