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Wegmans Pulls Plug on the Pub

In another sign of the times, and what could be the fate of many grocerant concepts in the coming months, Wegmans has decided to permanently close all of its Pub locations.

Retail Foodservice

2020 State of Retail Foodservice: Where Can Grocers Go From Here?

WGB's annual survey, conducted in partnership with Technomic, expertly frames where the category is now, how it got here and where the focus will need to be as grocers strive to reimagine and rebuild this year and beyond.

The trend of retailers helping foodservice counterparts continues, with the Midwest retailers offering grab-and-go dishes from local eateries in their delis.

Several grocery chains are finding new roles for sidelined chefs to meet demand for meals at home.

The new virtual platform was designed to deliver an equally valuable experience remotely as is possible with in-person meetings.

Store experts are now taking their in-person demonstrations online to help customers learn while relieving boredom.

Buoyed by a 41.2% gain in meat, total perimeter store sales increased 15.8% through April 5 vs. same week last year.

The retailer now offers Mealtime To Go for prepared foods at 200 locations.

Mediterranean food brands produce Gyro meat, pitas, hummus and more

Understanding shifting consumer purchase behavior in the current COVID-19 landscape is "incredibly important to understand what’s next."

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