Hershey, Walmart Celebrate Commitment to U.S. Job Creation

Both companies are investing heavily in the domestic supply chain.

Fresh Food

Hannaford, Price Chopper Discontinue Misfits Produce

The retailers have quietly dropped the brand due to insufficient standards and a lack of customer interest in the misshapen fruits and veggies.

There will be an overall move toward wellness in the coming year, according to the retailer.

The recently opened supermarket also has a more open-air feel than most of the retailers' formats.

The retailer will finish rebranding the 10 remaining stores and stand-alone pharmacy by the end of the month.

Mark McGowan said the chain would "test and learn" in Hartford, where innovations came with input from shoppers and workers.

The retailer has introduced new packaging to replace plastics, as well as a shopper rewards system to encourage the use of reusable containers.

The nation's food retailers have high hopes for the future as they adapt and innovate, the trade association's annual survey shows.

The retailer will also be testing quick-cook meal kits through its recently acquired brand.

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