Ahold Delhaize USA Cites Sustainable Seafood Progress

“Our commitments to enable greater transparency are grounded in our belief that consumers deserve to know where their food comes from and that it contains ingredients they trust,” said Brittni Furrow, VP of health and sustainability.


More Shoppers Are Responding to Sticker Shock, IRI Finds

Three in 4 consumers told IRI in February that they had changed one or more shopping behaviors in response to inflation, up from 64% who said the same in January.

Bristol Farms Newfound Market, located in Irvine, Calif., features seven of its own chef-created restaurant brands, offering everything from Nashville Hot Fried Chicken to plant-based plates and beachside food with a global twist.

Sales by volume dipped in 2021 but remain above pre-pandemic levels as consumers put their greater kitchen confidence to use in preparing a variety of fresh and frozen fish and shellfish.

Fewer than half of consumers in 2021 said that supermarkets were their top destination for seafood, according to FMI, as the popularity of direct-to-consumer and other online options surged.

In addition to the contactless shopping experience, the small-footprint store features more than 800 local products from nearly 100 local suppliers.

Consumers continue to reel in fresh seafood in grocery stores. Traditionally not the best-selling protein, fresh seafood saw its popularity soar in 2020 as consumers were limited to cooking at home...

For consumers still somewhat wary about buying fresh fish online from their preferred grocer, frozen seafood has proved a convenient, dependable go-to alternative.

The new resources aim to standardize the language and specifications for each seafood species to help suppliers comply and fill orders.

Go fish: For at-home Valentine's dinners and Lenten fish Fridays, increasingly seafood-confident consumers added more fresh and frozen seafood to their carts in February.

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