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Shoppers Increasingly Seek Fresh Fish Options

Consumers continue to reel in fresh seafood in grocery stores. Traditionally not the best-selling protein, fresh seafood saw its popularity soar in 2020 as consumers were limited to cooking at home...

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Testing the Waters: Consumers Look to Frozen for Ordering Fish, Seafood Online

For consumers still somewhat wary about buying fresh fish online from their preferred grocer, frozen seafood has proved a convenient, dependable go-to alternative.

The new resources aim to standardize the language and specifications for each seafood species to help suppliers comply and fill orders.

Go fish: For at-home Valentine's dinners and Lenten fish Fridays, increasingly seafood-confident consumers added more fresh and frozen seafood to their carts in February.

The discounter's initiatives to protecting the planet’s resources and ecosystem include lowering emissions, reducing waste and increasing recycling.

With less access to their favorite shrimp, lobster and fish dishes at restaurants, consumers are venturing into new waters and preparing more seafood at home.

New items and returning favorites highlight Lenten offerings at the California independent grocer.

Amid the past year’s turbulent retail landscape, seafood has remained one of grocery’s strongest players, catalyzing dramatic category growth by offering solutions to some of shoppers’ top priorities in the recent months. Here are four best practices for boosting seafood sales in the grocery store as tides continue to change in the new year.

The Lempert Report: Fish is largely missing from key global food policy discussions and decision-making.

The $12.5 billion seafood category attracts affluent shoppers and can be a showcase for a store’s quality positioning.

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