4 Candy, Snack Trends to Watch in 2021

Tropical and spicy flavors are trending, according to the Sweets & Snacks Expo.


9 Snacks for Every Snacking State

Recent introductions span sweet and salty, healthy and indulgent

Boredom drives the surge in between-meal noshing.

Ordering for delivery or pickup from the local grocery store overtook pure e-commerce retailers as the most popular way to purchase confectionery online, resulting in a doubling of online confectionery sales during the 26-week period ending Sept. 6, 2020, vs. a year ago.

Eighth annual study highlights role of acquisitions, private brands, surgical pricing, e-commerce and consumer-trend fulfillment in fueling short- to mid-term growth.

Between main meals, consumers are crazy for healthy, indulgent and clean products.

Food entrepreneurs say innovation will serve them well as pandemic sparks a surge in meal kits, plant-based foods, snacks and breakfast foods.

The week of March 15 marked a turning point for the grocery industry, which saw sales across the store rise a whopping 62.5%.

Grocers struggle to keep sweet and salty snacks in stock as consumers look for comfort in cookies and chips amid growing coronavirus fears.

The inaugural Off the Shelf report from goPuff, a digital convenience retailer, analyzed data to understand and predict consumers’ online ordering patterns.

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