Top Products of July 2019: Editors' Elites

Our editors review summery snacks and items to add savor to meals.


Pass Over That Bag of Jellyfish Crisps

The Lempert Report: Can new preparation methods make jellyfish a savory snack?

While cheese remains the star of the specialty cold case, other ingredients and attributes are gaining impressive traction.

To celebrate, major retailers and independents fried up special promotions for one of America's favorite treats.

The Lempert Report: We crave our favorite foods, such as ice cream, pizza and cookies, because they stimulate the reward circuitry in our brains

The Lempert Report: Reframing how adolescents view food marketing campaigns can have an effect on their dietary choices.

Manufacturers are serving up more options, from cookies and popcorn to healthy and meat-free, to grab snackers' attention.

From candy to cat litter, a selection of 2018's most successful new product launches, according to IRI.

The retailer said it would devote 5% of proceeds from Choco Coco Twisters to the American Red Cross.

Premium and globally inspired attributes are transporting the meat snacks category into the realm of inspired flavors and funky formats.

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