Scenes From WGB’s ‘Samplefest’

The brand "pops-up" in Manhattan as shoppers discover and sample new items.


WGB’s Samplefest Will Showcase Sensational Products in SoHo

The grocery trade media brand's first consumer event will also include a breakfast with BrandSpark, whose president Robert Levy will share insights on the ingredients for successful brands.

Center for Food Design will focus on innovation in snacking, including food and packaging.

WGB editors review tasty snacks and meal items that are making their way to grocery store shelves and fresh cases.

As fresh produce brands continue to make gains in the snack category, a new study reveals that kids covet chocolate, cheese and salt.

The U.S. market for salty snacks is forecast to reach $29 billion by 2022, with plant-based, nutritious and delicious items gaining ground.

Our editors review summery snacks and items to add savor to meals.

The Lempert Report: Can new preparation methods make jellyfish a savory snack?

While cheese remains the star of the specialty cold case, other ingredients and attributes are gaining impressive traction.

To celebrate, major retailers and independents fried up special promotions for one of America's favorite treats.

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