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The latest TikTok trend just might start in the grocery store

Going viral helps grocery items fly off the shelves as retailers partner this holiday season with influencers on the popular social media app.


HelloFresh Launches Competitive Cooking Show on Social Platform Twitch

The original live series “Unleash the Feast” allows viewers to vote on their favorite dishes in real time.

Online and in store, consumers are craving convenient, creative, inflation-beating meal solutions, says IRI's Jonna Parker. But grocers have a ways to go in meeting that need, she says.

The Lempert Report: Food shows are now beginning to focus on home cooking and everyday ingredients already lying around the kitchen.

As COVID-19 keeps consumers at home for now, retailers and food merchants aim to entertain with grilling events and online classes with pro athletes for kids.

The Lempert Report: We may be influenced by our social peers—both close friends and acquaintances on social media—more than we realize when choosing certain foods.