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Ahold Delhaize Services Unit Saluted for Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity Team of the Year award demonstrates that Retail Business Services is accomplishing its "goal of continuing to engage and empower diverse suppliers."


MDI Turns to AI for Forecasting

The distributor has partnered with Symphony RetailAI to improve forecast accuracy and inventory in the warehouse and stores.

While third-party providers can help grocers test demand, the author says going in-house sells the product, and not the delivery.

Do suppliers continue holding true to their traditional sell-in strategies and agendas or instead focus on sell-through?

The Lempert Report: A looming dispute could have dramatic implications for consumers and the U.S. food industry

The retailer’s Zero Hunger Zero Waste foundation selected seven innovators to receive funding to accelerate programs and solutions that help end food waste.

The retailer is testing the Forager digital procurement system to cut complexities in sourcing from local suppliers.

The six-year Sustainability Bond will support investments in products, buildings and health, the retailer said.

Retail Business Services and Venture Cafe partnership to provide mentorship and investor access for early-stage startups.

The regional grocer installs new platforms chainwide to streamline and enhance operations.

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