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Where Is Our Food Going?

The Lempert Report: App created by Microsoft and Purdue University estimates the amount of crop production that is at risk because of COVID-related factors.


How the Pandemic Put Brand Loyalty Up for Grabs

When stocks were depleted at the onset of the COVID crisis, consumers didn't stop buying, but pivoted, highlighting a need for "rugged" and flexible supply chains and attention to new channels and opportunities, a new report says.

The Lempert Report: CSAs and "farm box" solutions can gain currency in an industry ravaged by coronavirus disruption and changing shopper demands.

The new facility in Hernando, Miss., will feature advanced intelligence and automation technology.

A food industry roundtable discussion with the vice president was tinged with controversy and tragedy, but it showed stakeholders are dedicated to addressing industry disruption.

The Lempert Report: Building traceability and transparency in complex supply chains isn’t easy, but it offers a continuous way to monitor and report information to consumers.

The Lempert Report: News of farmers plowing their crops back into the ground or dairies dumping milk, coupled with empty shelves, have changed buying habits in the short term.

The Lempert Report: The U.S. government says there are no nationwide shortages, but that hasn’t stopped panic buying in supermarkets as Americans worry about food—many for the first time in their lives.

The Lempert Report: China's shutdown from the coronavirus not only caused a halt in production but also port backups that have paralyzed food shipments.

The coronavirus has provided an unprecedented wake-up call to be agile and relevant. How can brands respond?

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