Supply chain


Leveraging Technology to Address COVID-19 Supply Imbalances

ReposiTrak has a new online software platform that can help alleviate COVID-19 food supply imbalances and connect food producers with parties in need.


Kroger CEO Sees Opportunity in the Chaos

New shoppers, home cooking, growing digital and even a looming recession bode well for the retailer, Rodney McMullen says.

Comparable dollar sales were 41% higher during the week of April 5, when volume sales increased 34%.

The Lempert Report: The integration of trees with crops and livestock provides stability in food production.

​​​​​​​Relex co-founder Michal Falck discusses how the intelligent supply chain was dealt a blow by panicked shoppers—and how the same system can now help it recover.

In survival mode, some restaurants are turning to grocery, but is the turn just a stopgap measure or a new reality?

Foodservice distributors such as Sysco and US Foods are turning to supplying grocery stores, and app-based delivery service Waitr has shifted to grocery delivery.

U.S. food leaders are preparing a list of requests to help address the coronavirus crisis, including relaxing some child labor regulations and authorizing the National Guard to deliver food in emergencies.

Officials of General Mills say they are pulling some April promotions with retailers as they adjust to demands of operating in a pandemic.

Associations partner with feds to ensure supply chain viability as stores discourage hoarding; sick and missing workers present another challenge.

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