Consumers Are Calling for Sustainability—Here’s How Retailers Can Deliver

Tackling the issue of plastic pollution from packaging and products is one of the top three issues that consumers want companies to focus on, along with reducing waste and reducing air and water pollution.


Meijer Earns EPA Recognition for Keeping Its Cool

The retailer, which has participated in the EPA's GreenChill program since 2012, achieved the lowest company-wide refrigerant emissions rate of all GreenChill partners in 2020.

There are strategies for conscientious retailers to expand their social impact without shouldering too great a cost or time commitment—and to use their contributions as a platform to share their values with consumers.

Courting "intentional" shoppers, Walmart is introducing a new online shopping hub and new iconography meant to help label-conscious customers easily identify the kinds of products they want.

The Newark, N.J.-based vertical farming company is expanding with a 150,000-square-foot facility outside St. Louis, and it is partnering with Cargill on a research effort focused on more-sustainable cocoa production.

In an effort to improve quality, sustainability, and lower costs for customers, Wakefern produce departments are adopting the latest in RPCs.

Forget the "hot vax summer." It's time for faux-chicken-nugget fall. Plus, where does lab-grown meat stand to gain ground? Look to the seas, says Bloomberg Intelligence's Jennifer Bartashus.

For progress against audacious sustainability goals in difficult circumstances, and for creating a movement that has inspired and engaged partners throughout the food chain, Kroger is WGB’s Grocery Business of the Year.

Loop, an innovative program built around durable, reusable packaging for brands that could usher in a new paradigm for how consumers buy and replenish consumables, will hit select stores in the Portland area in September.

Price Rite Marketplace has partnered with Flashfood, an app-based marketplace that seeks to eliminate retail food waste by connecting consumers with discounted food nearing its best by date.

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