Stop & Shop to Offer No-Cost EV Charging

In partnership with Volta, the East Coast supermarket has installed five charging stations at its stores, with 50 more coming by the end of this year.

Fresh Food

Waste Not: How the Pandemic Shifted Shoppers' Sustainability Priorities

Having watched their garbage pile up in a year spent eating mostly at home, consumers are more aware of and concerned about food waste and product packaging—and they're looking for the companies they buy from to be, too.

Price Chopper/Market 32’s recently completed energy efficiency project is estimated to save the New York-based grocer over 5 million kilowatts per hour and $2 million each year.

The change will eliminate the sale of about 100,000 single-use plastic bottles across the co-op's 15 stores each year.

The retailer will invest $100 million over the next 10 years as it converts 100% of its truck fleet to alternative energy; makes infrastructure improvements; and implements green energy solutions and negative emissions technologies.

The project will generate clean energy for the distributor and area residents, while reducing carbon emissions.

The retailer's 2021 ESG report highlights how it is working to advance on sustainability and inclusion goals and where its greatest challenges lie.

A coalition of global retailers wants the industry to step up its efforts on reducing carbon emissions and limiting global warming.

Small operational changes—and key partnerships—can help bring clarity to the process of adopting environmentally friendly practices while keeping profits high.

The Minneapolis-based retailer says three core goals—elevating sustainable brands, eliminating waste and emissions, and accelerating equity—define the Target Forward strategy.

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