Kroger Sets New Packaging Goals

Citing growing importance to the company and its stakeholders, the retailer said it would shoot for 100% sustainable own-brand packaging by 2030.

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What's Behind the Huge Sales Increase in Plant-Based Meats?

The Lempert Report: COVID-19 has contributed to the boost as consumers reevaluate their choices and take sustainability into consideration.

The initiative allows customers to recycle flexible packaging not currently accepted in curbside recycling programs, including produce bags, bread bags and plastic overwrap.

Calling the newly installed hyrdroponic farm at its Lakeland location "the future," the eco-minded grocer sends a strong message of sustainability.

The retailer reinstated its ban of single-use plastic bags on Aug. 1, in accordance with a state ordinance that began March 1 but has been delayed.

The retailer is also engaging suppliers and customers to reduce their emissions by 15% in the next decade.

A new store will open next month in Bellevue, Wash., while the Kirkland store will move to a larger location in 2021.

The rooftop installation of nearly 3,000 panels will produce 1 megawatt of clean power annually.

In recent years, seeking sustainable products at the grocery store has grown from a niche interest into a common priority among consumers.

The retailer plans to source $5 million in local produce for its customers.

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