Is Apricart the New Shopping Buddy?

The Lempert Report: Where the Stop & Shop and IBM app Shopping Buddy left off, a new technology called Apricart takes flight.


Will Kroger Close the Digital Marketing Loop?

The retailer is experimenting with alternative revenue streams as it works to meet its Restock goals.

Retailer's Retail Business Services group partners with IBM to bring workers with autism to IT departments.

The second phase of the pilot will cover four ZIP codes after a successful run in Arizona.

The move comes after a successful pilot in Michigan that saw more than 1.1 million downloads.

The Lempert Report: A mobile app enables Hy-Vee's shoppers to find and buy food items nearing their expiration date at significantly reduced prices.

Tastry founder and CEO Katerina Axelsson joins WGB's Break Room to discuss the story behind the AI-powered recommendation app.

The Lempert Report: Up to now, only 3% of grocery sales have been placed online. But that's all about to change in a big way, thanks to delivery and e-commerce catching up to consumers' real needs.

The Walmart-owned warehouse division pilots new scanning technology to offer members easier shopping and instant product recognition without relying on barcodes.

In an NGA address, Tom Furphy said Amazon "would figure out the right formats."