A New Food Robot Designed Just for Snacks

The Lempert Report: The "Little Yellow Horse" acts as a c-store delivery service.


RangeMe Platform Shows Suppliers What Grocers Want

Industry Insights helps poise products for retail prime time.

The Lempert Report: New technology such as Amazon Alexa could steer consumers toward poorer health choices.

The Lempert Report: Farmers could soon monitor their herds through the "internet of cows."

The oven's interface will feature settings designed for meals made with 365 Everyday Value products.

The Lempert Report: While attackers can be easily identified, solutions via extensive camera surveillance and sirens are being created to prevent abuse.

The Lempert Report: Inc. magazine predicts that within five years, all companies will have to develop their own synthetic voices.

Takeoff Technologies' artificial intelligence-operated fulfillment centers will soon pop up across the U.S.

The pilot seems to eliminate grocery stores from the mix.

The retailer has launched a new blockchain-enabled initiative in collaboration with IBM to reduce the amount of time it takes to track an item from farm to shelf.