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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to Keynote 2022 NGA Show

GOP leader will provide attendees an "in-depth understanding of what is happening in the nation’s capital and what it means for our industry,” said Greg Ferrara, NGA president and CEO.


Giant’s Nicholas Bertram Receives Food Industry Trailblazer Award

The Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association honored the president for paving the way "with new innovations in his work, all with a focus on team and family."

On behalf of the association, Chris Jones urged the Federal Trade Commission to “level the playing field for the health of our economy and the health of our families.”

Each manager credited for displaying unparalleled commitment to quality shopper services and experience, generating sales growth, and prioritizing effective workplace communication with both staff and customers.

The association's Power of Health and Well-Being in the Food Industry report examines consumers' growing interest in health and wellness, as well as retailer progress and support.

The association examines community supermarkets’ impact on the nation’s economy across jobs, wages and taxes.

Tropical and spicy flavors are trending, according to the Sweets & Snacks Expo.

Ahead of the associations joining forces in 2022, future co-CEOs Cathy Burns and Tom Stenzel name seven staff leaders to senior roles.

If passed, the bipartisan legislation would work to address the transparency and fairness of direct and indirect remuneration fees charged to pharmacies.

The association explores how food retail will be affected by the pandemic, which sparked an increase in at-home cooking, accelerated adoption of e-commerce, and fostered a focus on health and wellness.

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