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C&S Wholesale to Open Warehouse in Pacific Northwest

The state-of-the-art facility is expected to open in summer 2020, expanding the wholesaler’s operations into the region.


MDI Turns to AI for Forecasting

The distributor has partnered with Symphony RetailAI to improve forecast accuracy and inventory in the warehouse and stores.

The retailer is partnering with warehouse logistics firm Dematic to put the promise of faster and more efficient grocery e-commerce to the test.

CEO Steven Spinner reflects on a "humbling year" for the transforming food distributor.

As the first class graduates in Northwest Texas, the retailer has plans to expand the academy program to more distribution centers across the country.

More than 300 companies eyeing the transformation of the industry make their pitch.

Automated alerts aid efficient store operations, the distributor says.

Drones may fail, but smart-home marketing could emerge, Kantar's Dave Marcotte argues in Groceryshop address.

Now known as Fabric, the company seeks rapid stateside expansion.

The retailer said customers "love" the $98 annual subscription option, which will be offered in all U.S. delivery markets.

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