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Winsight Live: Stew Leonard Jr. on Pricing, the Pandemic and Animatronics

COVID-19 is forging "a different relationship" between retailers and shoppers, the CEO of the fresh superstore chain said in a livestreamed video interview.

Retail Foodservice

Q&A: Technomic's Wade Hanson Talks Challenges, Opportunities in Retail Foodservice

Principal Wade Hanson says one of the most important things grocers can to do in the months ahead is "study the new needs of the shopper."

Bryan Roberts spent more than 15 years studying the grocery industry as an analyst before a restructuring sent him to the front lines of the COVID crisis.

Shoppers are rewarding grocery retailers that can demonstrate safety, omnichannel and availability, and that’s changing the channel growth mix.

An updated stock registration statement illustrates profound business changes undergone in the past two months—and could help speed Albertsons into public ownership at long last.

The coronavirus put the grocery industry into the spotlight and under a microscope, in which its workers, operations and responsiveness were tested like never before. A different future now awaits.

WGB's editors give 2020's latest products a test

The delivery-only pioneer, now doing business with Kroger, discusses third-party friction, the best ski town in America and how technology can put underused grocery-store kitchens to work.

WGB's Endcap guest talks about his passion for the Buffalo Bills, Florence, Italy, and very hot wing sauce, as well as the hybridization of long-standing business strategies and an external role that has helped him become a better leader.

The author offers a glimpse of a post-pandemic food industry, urging investment in infrastructure and experiences.

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