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FMI Unveils Its 2021 Store Manager Award Winners

Each manager credited for displaying unparalleled commitment to quality shopper services and experience, generating sales growth, and prioritizing effective workplace communication with both staff and customers.

Wholesalers & Distributors

UNFI Officials Optimistic Amid Labor and Freight Questions

Officials of the wholesaler were optimistic despite third-quarter revenues falling short of expectations; discuss changing workforce expectations.

Amid high competition for jobs, the retailer is holding its first hybrid career fair, including an option for candidates to chat live with company recruiters.

The discounter highlights COVID response, assortment initiatives and diversity in its annual "Serving Others" report.

As the industry shifts from crisis mode to a new normal, customer experience and superior service will matter even more, the author says.

In a letter to the president, trade association President and CEO Greg Ferrara calls for fixes to the unemployment insurance program to encourage people to find jobs as the grocery industry struggles to fill open positions.

The partnership offers grocery retailers access to crowdsourced shoppers to relieve cost pressure and service strains of meeting heightened consumer demand.

Grocery stores were part of the story in April's weaker-than-expected jobs report, with food and beverage retailers losing 49,000 jobs for the month.

VP Kamala Harris will chair the group that will look for ways to make it easier for workers, including marginalized workers such as women and people of color, to organize.

The newly announced partnership with Axonify to provide "bite size" on-the-job training and allow the retailer to align learning with its business objectives.

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