Grocers, General-Merchandise Stores Added Jobs in February

Food and beverage stores posted modest job gains as general-merchandise stores recovered some of the jobs shed in January.


States, Cities Show Support for Supermarket Employee Day

Created by FMI–The Food Industry Association, the day celebrates employees at every level for serving their communities during periods of crisis, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Lempert Report: How and where new opportunities are promoted matters to the younger, tech savvy potential employee.

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Food and beverage stores added more jobs in January than they did in December, according to BLS data, while warehousing and delivery jobs declined for the month.

Under local pressure and amid widespread criticism, the retailer said it would pay workers $100 to get vaccinated, and provide $50 million in store credits and gas discounts as a separate "thank-you" to front-line workers.

The generation brings new challenges for the retail food industry in attracting this incoming workforce, but it can be done, a FMI Midwinter Executive Conference session explores

"You have to keep asking yourselves, 'Are we solving the right problem? How do we keep listening?'" Schnucks CEO Todd Schnuck says at FMI's Midwinter Executive Conference.

In the struggle to keep workers and shoppers healthy, and stores safe and in-stock, retailers and supply partners such as Giant and Nestle demonstrated a model for the future of work, an FMI Midwinter Conference event demonstrated.

The new curbside pickup models will leverage contract shoppers and retail employees as retailers seek more efficient solutions; labor tensions escalate as union workers are impacted.

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