Instacart to pay $46.5M in San Diego gig worker case

The same-day grocery delivery platform’s settlement with the city will be shared with more than 300,000 workers in a case that hinged on whether Instacart’s shoppers are employees or independent contractors.


Federal proposal could reclassify grocery gig workers as employees

The Department of Labor floated new criteria that narrows the definition of independent contractor. It could threaten the business model of grocery delivery companies that classify drivers as contractors.

"This deal modernizes pay scales and guarantees wage increases to every member, while protecting benefits," UFCW Local 1059 said in a statement late Thursday.

The grocery cooperative is looking to fill warehouse selector positions at its distribution centers.

Food and beverage retailers added a modest 2,700 jobs during the month while hiring at warehouse and membership clubs dipped.

On Thursday, the retailer said it plans to hire 150,000 full-time, seasonal and part-time workers. New research indicates that might be a good idea as the retailer heads toward some busy months.

The retailer is freezing corporate hiring for both its brick-and-mortar and online shops, according to The New York Times.

"Our efforts were focused on the needs of our members and delivering the wages and benefits they deserve as the tireless, essential workers who serve this community well,” UFCW Local 1059 said in a statement.

Workers at the Williamsburg grocery store on Friday filed paperwork to begin the process of joining the Trader Joe’s United union. Two of the grocer’s locations unionized this summer.

That’s the same number the retailer enlisted for the holidays in 2021. Rival Walmart this week said it plans to hire 40,000 seasonal employees, a sharp drop from a year ago.

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