OSHA: Dollar General faces more than $2.7M in new round of worker safety penalties

Less than a month after the discounter was notified of more than $1.6 million in federal fines, inspectors have found new safety violations at Dollar General stores in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.


Trader Joe’s union to sit down with the grocer for the 1st time

Trader Joe’s United said it will meet with representatives from the company on Thursday and Friday for initial bargaining sessions.

The Target-owned delivery platform is accused of misclassifying its workers as independent contractors. The lawsuits are part of the mounting pressure on the business models of grocery delivery companies.

Workers at the store in Williamsburg voted 94 to 66 against joining a union Thursday, according to the National Labor Relations Board. Two Trader Joe’s stores unionized this summer.

The agency found that some of the discounter’s stores in Alabama, Florida and Georgia had unsafe working conditions, much like similar citations against the discounter in August.

The same-day delivery platform on Thursday launched “peak earning days,” designed to offer more money to workers who shop when customer demand is greatest. Shoppers can also switch locations to get a bigger paycheck.

The grocer this week said it hopes to fill thousands of open seasonal positions, with hopes to turn some of those temporary jobs into careers.

The same-day grocery delivery platform’s settlement with the city will be shared with more than 300,000 workers in a case that hinged on whether Instacart’s shoppers are employees or independent contractors.

The Department of Labor floated new criteria that narrows the definition of independent contractor. It could threaten the business model of grocery delivery companies that classify drivers as contractors.

Food and beverage retailers added a modest 2,700 jobs during the month while hiring at warehouse and membership clubs dipped.

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