Every Day Is Payday at Kroger, Leevers

Kroger, Leevers Supermarkets and Dave's Markets offer front-line grocery workers the opportunity to receive a daily paycheck during the pandemic.


How to Avoid Employee Burnout in Retail

Stressed on time and pay, misunderstood and now fearful, workers often feel "burned out," but there are strategies that can help, the author says.

The retailer joins the international union's call to request extended first responder status for essential grocery employees.

After officials ordered a 14-day closure of a Sioux Falls, S.D., pork processing plant that became an epicenter of COVID-19 infections, Smithfield warns of dire impacts on the food supply chain. "We are either going to produce food or not," CEO Kenneth Sullivan said.

During the coronavirus pandemic, plant worker safety is paramount, similar to their retail counterparts.

As the coronavirus-related death toll among grocery store employees continues to rise, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union is calling for the immediate standardization of CDC safety protocols for retailers, food processing facilities and pharmacies.

Retailers relying on the CDC for COVID-19 guidance may find anxious employees who believe their abundance of caution may not be enough. "If you take too long to respond, you’ve lost the battle," as one worker put it.

The retailer and its union workers call on state and federal authorities to grant them priority access to safety equipment and other protections as they serve during the COVID-19 crisis.

To help give staff a much needed rest amid the COVID-19 grocery frenzy, the retailer is extending its Easter holiday observance for associates to two days.

The retailer says enhanced store safety measures, pay and benefit increases, and charitable donations are approaching $200 million.

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