Building a pet wellness section that’s for the dogs (and cats)

Building a pet wellness section that’s for the dogs (and cats)

Who’s a good boy? Multitasking pet treats gain market share

For a long time, pet treats were like human candy: empty calories, meant for the purpose of rewarding good behavior—or bribery. That has changed.

Building a pet wellness section that’s for the dogs (and cats)

Make room for raw pet food?

If pets are indeed family members now, many owners reason, why should they be forced to eat kibbles when the rest of the family avoids processed food? And if the humans are cutting back on meat—as many millennials are—shouldn’t their animals do the same? Raw pet food, also known as the ancestral diet, allows humans the option to create nutritionally- and ethically-sound meals for animals.

E-commerce is not so much a trend as it is a new way of life for an increasing number of pet owners. The growth of e-commerce has been steadily gaining momentum, particularly over the last two years. ...

The days when dogs literally slept in the doghouse and the main job of domestic cats was to catch mice are long gone. Most Americans now consider their pets part of the family, and they take their animals’ health and well-being nearly as seriously as their own.

Pet owners tend to be loyal to their favorite brands: according to a 2019 survey by the market research firm Numerator, 38% of shoppers who bought dry dog food and 33% who bought dry cat food were likely to repeat the purchase within a year

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill that officially distinguished between CBD (legal everywhere) and marijuana (only in select states), everybody and their dog has been taking CBD. Even Martha Stewart is doing it: the domestic goddess launched her own line of pet edibles in 2019.