Building sustainable grocery departments

Building sustainable grocery departments

Advancements in grocery energy efficiency move at light speed

The pace of advancements in energy efficiency in grocery has swiftly sped up in recent years, thanks to reduced prices on some of the infrastructure, growing consumer demand and tax incentives.

Building sustainable grocery departments

Inside Whole Foods’ evolving sustainability standards

Since 1980, Whole Foods Market has been holding the products on its shelves to a high standard, banning certain ingredients that don’t fit with the retailer’s vision.

When it comes to building a more-sustainable retail foodservice department, Oliver’s Market is a pioneer —the result of its decades of environmental initiatives.  Since 2011, Oliver’s Market, ...

Retail foodservice’s star has shone brightly for grocers in 2022, with on-the-go consumers hungry for easy meal solutions that promise fresh—even craveable—tastes at price points lower than a restaurant meal.

Publix displays its real-time estimate of the total paper and plastic grocery bags saved—based on the average improvement of paper and plastic grocery usage since mid-2007. The number is over 8 billion and growing.