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Banquet Makes Improvements to Frozen Meals

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Banquet, a brand of ConAgra Foods, has improved the brand in a variety of ways, including 25 percent more food, better protein or improved ingredients.

“Consumers want quick, warm and satisfying meals for a good value,” says John Pawlowski, brand manager at ConAgra Foods. “That’s why we’re proud of the changes we’ve made as part of the Banquet brand restage, which improve the dinner experience with more food, improved ingredients and what we believe to be an even better taste.”

With the improvements comes updated packaging featuring a new logo and high-definition food shots that highlight the changes to quantity and quality of the food—changes that include adding 20 percent more chicken to the pot pies, real cream and margarine to the mashed potatoes, real cheese to the mac and cheese, replacing dark meat chicken with 100 percent natural chicken breast and more.

As part of the restage, Banquet is back on TV, for the first time since 2009, with the heaviest advertising nationally in the brand’s history.

"Consumers are evolving and it’s a priority for the brand to continue meeting their needs,” adds Pawlowski. “With a tagline of ‘Now Serving a Better Banquet,’ our new ads highlight how we’re doing just that with bigger portions and better ingredients.”

Banquet meals are available in the freezer aisle at grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $1–$1.25. 



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