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Beech-Nut Purees

Beech-Nut Pureesby Beech-Nut Nutrition Beech-Nut Nutrition Corp. introduces a line of baby food featuring Beech-Nut purees co-branded with Mott’s applesauce. The move comes on the heels of recent Beech-Nut partnership announcements with Green Giant and Chiquita. The SKUs include: Applesauce (Stages 1 and 2); Apples, Mango & Kiwi; Apples, Pears & Bananas; Apples & Cherries (Stage 2); Peach, Apples & Bananas; and Rolled Oats with Apples (Stage 3). Stage 1 comes in 2.5-ounce jars; Stage 2 in 4-ounce jars; and Stage 3 in 6-ounce jars . Recommended MSRP is between 50 cents and 75 cents.


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