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FaVe Fruit and Vegetable Blend Juice

The FaVe Juice Company has launched a new brand of all-natural 100% fruit and vegetable blend juice that contains a surprising three full daily servings of vegetables in each 8-ounce glass. According to officials with the Middletown, N.J.-based start-up company, this is a previously-unattained level since the highest existing juices contain two or less vegetable servings in each 8-ounce glass. FaVe uses a unique patented process to create the juice blends, while retaining light and delicious fruit flavors. According to the company, its juices have half, or less, as many calories – 60 per serving – as the leading 100% juice brands, along with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sweeteners. Merchandised in the shelf-stable juice aisle, FaVe is available in Strawberry-Banana-Kiwi, Blueberry-Pomegranate-Goji, and Orange-Tangerine-Pineapple. FaVe is packaged in 46-ounce PET bottles with a shrink-wrapped foam-backed label to protect the juice against light. The suggested retail price is $3.99. “We want to surprise consumers with innovative, delicious, healthier choices for beverages, while increasing vegetable consumption,” says David Kirkpatrick, chief marketing officer. “We are very proud of our unique formulas, and we look forward to bringing consumers the best-tasting and healthiest 100% juice products possible.” FaVe by FaVe Juice Company


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