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Hi-Chew Expands Sour Flavors to Individual Sticks

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Morinaga America launched its Hi-Chew Sours Sticks in the U.S. The sour line includes new individual Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime sticks.

Since Hi-Chew entered the U.S. market, sales have increased five-fold in the last five years, company officials say. In February 2016, Hi-Chew introduced the Hi-Chew Sours Citrus Mix bag. Due to the enthusiastic response from fans and the growing popularity of the Sours, Hi-Chew is expanding the offering by releasing the sour flavors in individual sticks.

"We're happy to bring Hi-Chew Sours Sticks to the U.S. market following the incredible success of the sour flavors," says Norio Otsuki, chief operating officer of Morinaga America.

The flavors are reflected in the bright exterior colors of each candy piece—an inside-out version of the classic Hi-Chew to differentiate the citrus flavors. Each stick includes seven individually wrapped chews that pack a blast of citrus fruit flavor and natural sour taste.  This product is gluten-free, nut-free, and made with real fruit juices and purees.

With its growing popularity within the U.S. market, Hi-Chew is planning on launching more flavors throughout the year, officials say. 


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