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Makers of Mallo Cup introduce Jimmy Stix

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The makers of Mallo Cups have developed the company's first new product in 25 years. Boyer Candy Company launched Jimmie Stix, a blend of pretzels, creamy peanut butter and smooth milk chocolate.

Keeping in line with the famous vintage style packaging of the Mallo Cups, Jimmie Stix packaging captures the nostalgia of the company's brands while adding in the necessary components to keep with the trends of the industry, company officials say. 

 "We have spent the last five years developing and testing every element of the Jimmie Stix to create a product that is classic American. We are certain customers will appreciate its quality ingredients, rich taste, and nostalgic design. Jimmie Stix are a worthy expansion of the Boyer Candy family of products," says company official Anthony Forgione II.



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