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RealBeanz Iced Coffee with Coconut Water

RealBeanz, an RTD gourmet iced coffee combining premium-brewed beans and artificial growth hormone-free milk (rSBT free) with nutrient enhanced flavors, has launched two new flavors: Iced Cappuccino made with Coconut Water and Iced Dark Roast made with Coconut Water.  Both flavors are made with 20% Coconut Water and only contain 70 calories. RealBeanz Iced Coffee with Coconut Water blends the best of bold, premium-roasted coffee bean flavor and remarkably refreshing coconut water, say company officials. “All natural coconut water has become the latest health drink craze as more and more consumers are beginning to realize the endless benefits of drinking all natural coconut water. So why not combine two cool beverages together in a bottle? It’s a perfect marriage for the consumer who is looking for great taste, hydration, as well as energy,” says Serge Freund, President. Iced Coffee with Coconut Water by RealBeanz www.realbeanz.com  


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