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Royal Basmati Rice Introduces Eight Authentic Flavors

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Royal Basmati Rice has launched a new product line, Royal Authentic Adventures. The line of gourmet side dishes is available in eight flavors inspired from around the globe and combined with Royal’s Premium Basmati Rice.

“Because rice is a celebrated staple in so many cultures worldwide, Royal is always looking for innovative ways to incorporate other traditions and backgrounds into our product lines, says Abhinav Arora, president of LT Foods Americas. “We are excited to offer our customers a tour of diverse flavors from around the globe with Royal Authentic Adventures. This line truly represents our brand values and commitment to diversity.”

Royal Authentic Adventures is available now at grocers nationwide, including Harris Teeter, Kings Supermarket/Balducci’s, SpartanNash, Tops Friendly Markets, Walmart (California locations) and Costco, and will hit shelves at Shaw’s and Wegmans stores in May, followed by Weis Markets and Randalls stores in June.

Royal Authentic Adventures cooks in only 12 minutes, and is available in eight varieties:

  • Mexican-Style Basmati Rice – This fire roasted tomatillo and green chili flavor is vegan and gluten-free, made with a blend of tomatillos, green chilies, onions and other savory herbs and spices.
  • French-Style Basmati Rice – This medley of French Provençal vegetables is also vegan and gluten-free, made with red bell pepper, thyme, carrot, parsley and garlic.
  • Thai-Style Basmati Rice – The basil lemongrass curry (gluten-free) flavor is infused with the mild-sweet yellow curries of Thailand, along with robust and spicy notes of citrus, lemongrass and ginger.
  • Greek-Style Basmati Rice – This herb and lemon flavor is gluten-free, made with a blend of classic Mediterranean spices and seasonings including lemon, oregano, parsley, garlic and olive oil.
  • Japanese-Style Basmati Rice – The vegan shiitake ginger flavor is made with shiitake mushrooms, ginger, green onion, soy sauce and toasted sesame.
  • Moroccan-Style Basmati Rice – The herb tagine flavor is vegan and gluten-free, made with slow-roasted tomatoes, mint, cinnamon, cloves and chili peppers that provide an earthy taste of the Middle East.
  • Indian-Style Basmati Rice – This wood fired tandoori flavor is gluten free, made with garlic, paprika and turmeric.
  • Argentinian-Style Basmati Rice – The chimichurri flavor is a vibrant and soulful blend of citrus juices, herbs and garlic, and is gluten-free.

Royal Authentic Adventures uses no artificial colors or preservatives and is made with basmati rice sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. Royal Basmati Rice oversees the harvesting, milling, processing and distribution of its products.


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