5 Tips for Building a Better CBD Section

From variety to meeting consumer needs, Caliper talks in-store strategy
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When it comes to creating a CBD section in-store that sells, education is critical says Caliper of Commerce City, Colo. The company, which describes its approach to CBD, as “science-based,” works with universities to test its products. WGB asked the experts at Caliper for their five tips in creating an impactful CBD section in-store.

1. Offer High-Quality CBD Products

Research shows that 92% of potential CBD consumers would try CBD if they knew it worked, so quality matters, Caliper said. Focus on brands that conduct accredited research and have the data to support their claims. 

2. Invest in a Variety of Formats  

There are many formats available on the market, including topicals, tinctures, beverages, gummies and dissolvable powders. Offering a variety of options allows consumer to find the right fit for their needs and lifestyle.

 3. Meet Consumers’ Needs 

Consumers want high-quality products that deliver what they promise, said Caliper, pointing to a recent Attest CBD user survey of 1,000 CBD users, who were asked what was most important to them when purchasing CBD. “Fast acting” was the top product attribute, chosen over price, value and convenience.

“People want their functional ingredients to work when needed—after all, nobody drinks coffee in the morning to feel the effects in the afternoon,” said Nicole Maione, general manager of Caliper Consumer. “The slow rate of absorption of current CBD products is one of the reasons many consumers are left unsatisfied with their CBD purchases and retailers are left holding underperforming inventory.”

4. Provide Trial Price Points

CBD is a new category to many consumers, so it is important to have options that allow for trial. Caliper offers a two-pack for $5.99 at retail. This is a great option to have by registers for an impulse purchase. Once consumers find they are satisfied with their purchase they can come back and purchase a 10-pack for $24.99 or a 30-pack for $44.99.

5. Educate the Consumer and Store Associates

With so many questions around CBD, it's important to educate store associates and the consumer, the company said. Common questions may include who the product is meant for, when to take CBD and how to use it. Caliper answers these questions and more in the FAQ section of its website.


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