CBD Products Continue to Fare Well Post Pandemic

Topical CBD products will continue to grow; as will beverages, according to data from shopper intelligence firm Catalina
Illustration courtesy of Catalina

Topical CBD products are now one of the hottest-selling CPG categories and they show no signs of slowing, according to data from shopper intelligence firm Catalina published Wednesday.

The explosive growth of topical CBD products—which are less regulated than ingestible ones—will only continue, Catalina said in a statement, adding that the likeliest ingestible product growth will be in the beverage category. The data comes from the firm's deep dive into its Shopper Intelligence Platform to see how the CBD product categories and others have fared during the first part of the decade.

This increase in CBD product spend is due to the increased availability online and at dispensaries across the country as well,  Catalina said.

Another trend for CBD shoppers is pampering. Compared to the average consumer, CBD shoppers are now buying non-CBD products that are more focused on their appearance than they did two years ago. These items include lip care, specialty facial soaps and grooming devices. CBD shoppers are now six times more likely to purchase bath additives than the average shopper, Catalina reported.

Grocery retailers are beginning to get on board when it comes to CBD products. Oregon grocery chain Market of Choice is now carrying select products from the CBD manufacturer CBD Move Free.

Level Select, sports performance-based CBD products designed in partnership with professional athletes and backed by plant-based wellness company Kadenwood LLC., is now available in select Kroger stores. The broad-based distribution partnership with select Kroger stores includes over 1,200 locations nationally.




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