Consumers plan food-and-drink spending blitz for Super Bowl

Supermarkets lined up as chief destination for prepared and packaged food purchases for big-game parties, Advantage Solutions poll shows.
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The latest Advantage Solutions Pulse Survey finds that 52% of Super Bowl party hosts expect to spend more than $100 on food and beverages. / Photo: Shutterstock

Tough economy or not, U.S. consumers aren’t being defensive about spending for food and drink in this year’s Super Bowl get-togethers.

Of 1,044 adults polled, 66% of those who will watch the Super Bowl plan to buy special food and drinks for the big game, according to the latest Advantage Solutions Pulse Survey. Among those consumers, 25% expect to spend $50 or less, 48% plan to spend $51 to $100, 16% aim to spend $101 to $150, and 10% anticipate spending over $150, the Irvine, Calif.-based CPG and retail sales and marketing firm said.

Overall, 54% of respondents plan to watch the game, with 14% undecided. Super Bowl LVII, capping off the 2022-23 National Football League season, is scheduled for Feb. 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz.

Advantage’s poll revealed that 50% of Super Bowl party hosts this year plan celebrations of more than 10 guests, and 52% expect to spend more than $100 on food and beverages for the event.

Advantage Solutions-Super Bowl 2023 survey-party hosts

Of Super Bowl party hosts surveyed, 34% expect to spend more on food and beverages this year, with 43% likely to spend about the same. / Image: Advantage Solutions

Thirteen percent of Super Bowl hosts stand to spend $51 to $75, 22% expect to lay out $76 to $100, 13% anticipate spending $101 to $125 and 25% aim to spend more than $150. Just 12% are looking to spend less than $50.

In comparing 2023 and 2022 Super Bowl party expenditures, 34% of those surveyed expect to spend more on their big-game get-togethers this year, with 16% likely to spend “a bit more” and 16% “a lot more,” Advantage reported. Forty-three percent said they’ll spend about the same as last year, while 23% aim to spend less (18% said “a lot less” and 5% said “a bit less”).

What are Super Bowl party hosts planning to serve? Seventy-nine percent of survey respondents cited salty snacks, 70% named pizza, 68% said beer and 60% aim to buy giant subs or prepared sandwiches.

Advantage Solutions-Super Bowl 2023 survey-party host foods

Though Super Bowl party staples are hosts' main focus, prepared foods are high on their shopping lists. / Image: Advantage Solutions

Among prepared foods, hosts are lining up a range of options for Super Bowl guests, including hot side dishes (cited by 53%), such as potato skins and mac & cheese; cold entrees (49%), including deli platters; cold salads and side dishes (49%), such as veggie platters and guacamole dip; and hot entrees (44%), such as pasta and chili.

Other food and drink purchases planned by Super Bowl hosts include desserts (57%), wine (43%) and other alcoholic beverages (38%).

Grocery stores will more than hold their own against restaurants as a destination for ready-made Super Bowl eats, Advantage Solutions’ survey findings show.

Of party hosts and party goers who’ll contribute to the big-game spread, 49% aim to buy prepared foods from a supermarket, compared with 41% from a restaurant. Twenty-one percent cited the local delicatessen for prepared foods, and 20% named a catering service. Almost half (49%) are taking matters into their own hands and will prepare party food themselves, which likely will lead many of them to the grocery store to purchase their ingredients.

Advantage Solutions-Super Bowl 2023 survey-prepared foods

For nearly half of Super Bowl party hosts and attendees, supermarkets are the end zone for prepared foods purchases. / Image: Advantage Solutions

Of consumers planning to watch the Super Bowl this year, 22% aim to host a party, 26% expect to go to someone else’s party, and 13% anticipate attending a party at a restaurant or bar.

And partygoers won’t come to their hosts’ premises empty-handed, Advantage noted. Thirty-two percent plan to spend $51 to $75 on food and drink, and 34% expect to lay out $76 to $100. About 8% are likely to spend more than $100, and 26% aim to spend $50 or less.

As with the hosts, salty snacks (60%), pizza (48%) and beer (43%) were the top three items that partygoers said they plan to purchase. Other items they named were hot side dishes (39%), desserts (33%), prepared sandwiches/giant subs (30%), cold entrees (30%), wine (28%), other alcoholic beverages (27%), cold salads/side dishes (25%), hot entrees (20%) and nonalcoholic beverages (18%). Twenty-six percent reported they aim to bring some food and/or drink to the big-game party but aren’t sure yet what to buy.



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