How to Attract Health-Conscious Shoppers

Among the thousands of products in grocery stores, it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones will be big sellers. But retailers can be sure of one thing—consumers’ interest in better-for-you items isn’t going anywhere. Increasingly, shoppers are concerned that they’re purchasing the safest and healthiest options, but they also don’t want to sacrifice taste.

One category that a growing number of consumers are flocking to is grass-fed dairy. Grass-fed dairy offers the health benefits shoppers are looking for, along with the great taste they crave, all in one convenient package. But many retailers don’t yet see the benefits of offering these products.

However, staying on top of culinary and consumer trends is part of the job for grocers, and to best market grass-fed products to customers, it’s important to learn about all aspects of them—what they are, why they’re beneficial, who’s looking for them and what brands are doing it right.

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