Report: Hershey, Cheerios and M&M's Rank Among 10 Most Trusted Brands

CPG brands resonate more with Gen X and boomers

Hershey, Cheerios and M&M's rank among the most trusted brands in the U.S., according to a report from data intelligence company Morning Consult. The U.S. Postal Service, Amazon and Google ranked as the top three brands. Rounding out top 10 were Chick-fil-A, PayPal, UPS and The Weather Channel.

"It's no secret that trust is key to brand success," said Michael Ramlet, CEO of Morning Consult, Washington, D.C. "In today's climate, every single day presents leaders with the opportunity to cultivate reliability, a key driver of trust."

Tech, CPG Brands Dominate 

The U.S. Postal Service took the top spot among all brands, followed by Amazon and Google. In fourth place was online payment company PayPal, with The Weather Channel as the fifth most trusted. CPG brands had a strong showing overall and monopolized much of the list, with nearly half of all top 25 spots claimed by CPGs. 

CPG brands performed better overall with older generations, dominating more than two-thirds of the Most Trusted Brands list among Gen X and boomers, and half of millennials. As a category, CPG ranked in the top 10 with about one-third of Gen Z consumers interviewed.

The report featured an average of 16,700 interviews per brand for nearly 2,000 brands. 


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