Top news and merchandising and marketing trends unfolding with grocery consumer brands in beverages, natural and organicsnacks, condiments and more.


Nielsen, Microsoft Align to Democratize Retail Data With AI

The new partnership will enable clients to harness data as an enterprise asset within an open data environment.


How to Attract Health-Conscious Shoppers

Here’s a look at what grass-fed dairy is and why stores should offer it.

Family support for board seen as key blow to activist investor.

It’s imperative that retailers understand the facts and benefits of grass-fed dairy, including milk.

Grocers continue to introduce new private label items that boast the trendy flavor.

Nielsen, Rakuten data finds online grocers ringing up $21.6 billion in sales in the past three years.

The Lempert Report: A study found higher odds of in-store sugar-sweetened beverage advertising during benefit issuance days.

Products such as apples, pears and diapers ranked among the most eco-friendly consumer products.

The company’s 53-foot tricked-out semitrailer is driving shopper insights directly to retailers of all sizes during a cross-country whistle-stop customer tour.

Kraft Heinz's new condiment spreads a spicy social buzz.

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