Top news and merchandising and marketing trends unfolding with grocery consumer brands in beverages, natural and organicsnacks, condiments and more.


How Is COVID-19 Affecting Shopping Behaviors?

New research from Acosta tracks how consumers’ buying behaviors are changing amid the coronavirus crisis.


Assortments, Promotions Dwindle as Retailers and Brands Meet Pandemic Challenge

Officials of General Mills say they are pulling some April promotions with retailers as they adjust to demands of operating in a pandemic.

The survey of more than 11,000 Americans reveals growing preferences for health-conscious and organic products in the 12th annual competition.

The author offers up five strategies consumer brand makers can adopt to chart their path to new growth while balancing costs.

Nielsen identifies top-selling items amid coronavirus concerns that are poised to impact global supply chains.

Dean Foods, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, will now sell most of its assets.

Hemp is legally allowed to be grown again, but CBD products remain in limbo as the FDA has done little to clear up confusion.

The online shop built around multiple consumer and retail trends couldn't overcome cost challenges and competition despite heavy funding.

Still in its nascent stages, the CBD market could be a boon for retailers if they understand the products that sell and who is buying them.

Industry experts give their take on prominent themes in the category, despite regulatory uncertainties.

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