Top news and merchandising and marketing trends unfolding with grocery consumer brands in beverages, natural and organicsnacks, condiments and more.


Carbonated Beverages Have a Problem

The Lempert Report: COVID-19 has forced a decrease in ethanol production and increased the cost of CO2 used in foods and beverages.


Industry Needs Reinvention Before Recovery, Nielsen Says

Retailers and brands need to navigate three distinct time horizons toward economic regeneration in a post-coronavirus world, predicts Nielsen's Scott McKenzie.

Eighth annual study highlights role of acquisitions, private brands, surgical pricing, e-commerce and consumer-trend fulfillment in fueling short- to mid-term growth.

The coronavirus has provided an unprecedented wake-up call to be agile and relevant. How can brands respond?

WGB's editors give 2020's latest products a test

Pantry and paper product purchases taper off to make way for more goodies, Acosta’s latest COVID-19 survey finds.

Mediterranean food brands produce Gyro meat, pitas, hummus and more

A month into the concerns over coronavirus, consumers' “new normal” includes online ordering and pantry stocking.

The Lempert Report: Unilever is updating its principles for marketing food and beverages to kids, and putting people and health above profits.

New research from Acosta tracks how consumers’ buying behaviors are changing amid the coronavirus crisis.

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