AirFlo Introduces Pull Out Bulk Bin Display

full shelf_openCarlson AirFlo announces the launch and manufacturing of its Premier Pull Out Bulk Bin Display. The display is an outstanding solution in response to the market demand for an improved bulk bin display. AirFlo created a design that enhances the display of bulk foods, and improves food safety from airborne and cross contamination. About nine billion pounds of lettuce is produced in the US each year, according to the US Department of Agriculture. The sale of bulk lettuce versus packaged lettuce is similar in comparison. According to Perishables Group FreshFact Powered by Nielson - Bulk lettuce establishes 46.5% of category dollars while packaged lettuce yields 53.5% of category dollars. According to company officials, AirFlo’s premier bulk bin display features the following:
  • Enhances Food Safety: Premier protective enclosure improves food safety from airborne and cross contamination.
  • Hands Free Lid:  Self opening lids that remain open until the drawer is pushed closed, making product selection effortless and convenient to your customers.
  • Increases Sales:  Provides high quality, unique category management for bulk salads, mushrooms, and cooking vegetable categories.
  • Less Shrink:  Designed to display your bulk produce with ventilation space behind allowing air circulation while producing less shrink.
  • Customer Friendly:  Convenient shopping with more visibility, making product selection effortless.
  • Abundant Presentations:  Complete visibility of product while allowing shelves to be placed directly above bin, maximizing merchandising space of additional SKUs.
  • Easy Cleaning:  Removable internal bins for easy cleaning, includes tong holder and tongs for selection.
  • LED lighting:  Enhance your presentation with our LED lighting capabilities.
“Some of our best products have started from the field (store level),” says Jose Cartamil, regional sales manager of Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems. “We are continually approached by produce professionals who tell us, ‘Boy it would really be nice to . . .’. That kind of information is invaluable. This is a perfect solution to reduce shrink and increase sales in the bulk salad, bulk mushroom and cooking vegetable categories. The new premier pull out bin is manufactured with exceptional quality, is customer convenient, and a beautiful product display.”


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