Alto-Shaam Introduces a Line of Combis for 2014

ALTO_CTP_Combi_Brochure_0114Engineered with a commitment to foodservice innovation, Alto-Shaam announces its latest line of Combi ovens, the CT PROformance Combitherm Ovens. Delivering a  combination of features, this line of ovens helps to expand menu offerings by providing endless versatility and reliability in the kitchen. Considered an alternative for a convection oven, kettle, steamer, fryer, smoker and dehydrator, this new line of ovens features the new PROpower setting. While in “turbo” mode, the CT PROformance operates up to 20% faster than other combi ovens and up to 80% faster than conventional technology. And, with the ability to preheat up to 575°F, recovery times are shortened considerably, further increasing speed and performance. Adding to the precision of combitherm cooking is the new Absolute Humidity Control. The ability to select a precise humidity level from 0-100% helps to maximize food quality, texture and yield. The CombiSmoke feature increases versatility by allowing operators to smoke any product, hot or cold. Innovative design features include a larger PROtouch programmable touchscreen control, which makes the oven more intuitive than ever. The zero clearance design allows for placement anywhere on the line, saving valuable floor and hood space. Cleaning ceases to be a chore with CombiClean PLUS and the PROrinse retractable rinse hose. The speed, precision and consistence offered with this line of ovens are made even better because it is run on EcoSmart technology. Boosting energy efficiency by 40% over conventional cooking technologies, the CT PROformance increases production by 60% while using 80% less water. Available in a wide variety of sizes, the new line of CT PROformance combitherm ovens make high volume kitchenproduction simple, streamlined and smart.


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